5 Star Driving School owner speaks in exclusive interview

5 Star Driving School owner speaks in exclusive interview

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - KSLA News 12 tracked down 5 Star Driving School Owner Donny Brokenberry. Brokenberry sat down with KSLA News 12's Sasha Jones to answer questions about allegations that he operated his driving school knowingly without being certified to teach driver's training.

This investigation first started after calls from viewers came into the KSLA News 12 newsroom, claiming after students trained with Brokenberry at 5 Star Driving School they were unable to get their license from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Brokenberry says he just found out a couple of weeks ago that 5 Star Driving School was no longer certified with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

"I was not aware that we were not licensed until parents started complaining that their certificates were being rejected by the office of motor vehicles," says Brokenberry.

Some parents say they are now out of $475, and now their kids are forced to retake drivers training.

Brokenberry says he does not know why his school's certification to teach Driver's E.D. has not been renewed.

"That's what we are asking for the administrative law hearing because I have no earthly idea," says Brokenberry.

The Department of Motor Vehicles says one reason is because Brokenberry is not a Licensed Driving Instructor, and has not been since 2011.

Brokenberry refuted that claim, but was unable to show us proof that he was indeed licensed past 2011.

"Here they are from 2011, and I guess I left the actual licenses themselves," says Brokenberry.

Brokenberry was also a part of another KSLA News 12 investigation in 2007. Brokenberry was accused of offering electronics on Ebay, taking buyers money, and never sending the merchandise.

"It would seem like they would be linked, but there is no direct correlation between the two. That case was resolved..it was a complete misunderstanding," says Brokenberry when asked about the previous investigation.

Brokenberry did plead guilty to theft in that case, but now with all that behind him, he says he is taking the Department of Motor Vehicles to court to get the driving school's license back, and he plans on refunding all parents their money within the next 30 days.

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