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KSLA News 12 Editorial: April 24, 2013-Dog Park Comments

Viewer comments today about my editorial concerning the Mayor of Shreveport keeping a dog park from going forward.

The Red River Waterway Commission has put up $280,000 to build the dog park along the Riverfront. The city council supports it. But the mayor does not.

One viewer writes, "I totally agree with Mayor Glover about not wanting a dog park. Look around Shreveport and see the condition of the roads, bridges and sewer system. We need more important projects here than a dog park."

It's important to note the money earmarked for the dog park does not come from the city, it's a gift from the Waterway Commission. The city has many other sources for fixing Shreveport.

Another viewer wrote,"I do not need a dog park and I don't know of anyone that wants one. Good for Mayor Glover on blocking the dog park. This is not New York City where there is only concrete. We have hundreds of acres of grass where a dog can be walked and the city does not have to pay for insurance and upkeep. Get real."

As it now stands, a citizens group has filed a lawsuit against the mayor to force him to approve the dog park. As always, thank you for your comments.

I'm James Smith.

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