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Golden Apple Award Winner: Andrea Nance


One Bossier mom says, the extra time Andrea Nance takes with her child in school, has made him more independent.  "I have a child who is developmentally disabled; he has a form of autism. He started school; the transition was very difficult for him. I would have to come to school to help try and calm him down during meltdowns" Sara Worsham says. She says that is all in the past now. She thanks her 5 year old, Jayden's, teacher, Andrea Nance for making his little steps grow into big strides. .

"She's taken him to several different places to help him with his behavior and calming him and with her information it has helped me in school as well. If I know what he is doing at home, I can help kind of correct that while he's at school and it's not going to affect the other kids" Nance says about Jayden. "Having a child with special needs is a very nerve racking thing. Then sending him to school is a very nervous thing. I can drop him off at school in the morning and I don't have to worry" Worsham says. That's because Mrs. Nance keeps in touch with Jayden's mom throughout the school day. "I know if something comes up, I will either get an email or a phone call. I can email her anytime and she will respond in about 15 minutes" Worsham says.

Jayden's mom says his behavior isn't the only thing that has improved… after taking Mrs. Nance's class, he is happier as well. "He's in trouble he'll say, ‘Mrs. Nance says I need to calm down' and he'll just walk over to the side and he'll stand there until he calms down" Worsham says. "It's very nice to know that my child is so well taken care of here" Worsham says.

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