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Shreveport LGBT group holds rally against controversial bill


A bill targeting discrimination in Louisiana is already causing controversy before its debate.

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community in Shreveport says the bill discriminates against them. The People Acting for Change and Equality and the Get Equal organizations held a rally to fight the bill Wednesday morning.

The proposal, House Bill 402, lists specific groups of people that would be protected by the bill. It prevents employment discrimination based reasons that include age, disability, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, pregnancy, sickle cell trait and genetic discrimination.

But the bill does not list sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. The PACE organization says by leaving sexual orientation off the list, it targets the LGBT community.

This bill is authored by Representative Alan Seabaugh of Shreveport. Seabaugh says this bill will cut down on costly and frivolous lawsuits.

Right now, Shreveport and several other cities in Louisiana have a policy in place to protect city employees from being fired because of sexual orientation. If Seabaugh's bill passes, it would override that policy. This would mean anyone fired for being part of the LGBT community would not be able to file a lawsuit locally, at the state or federal level.

The PACE and Get Equal organizations met outside Seabaugh's office at 610 Marshall Street Wednesday morning, intending to give him a copy of the Homosexual Agenda and talk to him about the bill. However, they were not allowed into the office.

A Shreveport Police officer met them at the door, telling them they could not enter the building.

The bill is set to go before lawmakers in Baton Rouge on May 2nd. PACE asks to you contact your representatives if you disagree with House Bill 402. They have a list of those representatives here.

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