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Angry brides-to-be want money back


A Valley wedding venue has suddenly closed down, leaving dozens of brides and grooms-to-be scrambling to figure out where to hold their wedding.

A number of unhappy brides gathered Tuesday in front of the Inspirador, in downtown Chandler.

They told CBS5 News that they paid thousands of dollars in deposits and are worried that they'll never get any of their money back.

"It's horrible," said bride-to-be Amie Lunduyt. "Not only is it my dream venue that I've dreamed to get married in, but now I am out $8,000. I have to start over."

The owner of Inspirador, Dilia Wood, told CBS5 News that they have been in an ongoing legal battle with two financial institutions and were given notice recently that the property was being placed into foreclosure. Wood said that they could no longer operate, so they closed.

Wood's husband tried to calm down the angry brides and told them that they are trying to find an alternate wedding venue for the 60 couples that are now in limbo.

"I'm not going to screw over blue collar people," said Roberts. "That's not how I roll. That's not how my wife rolls."

Groom-to-be Matt Meyer wants to know if the owners knew that the foreclosure was coming, why did they accept his $7,000 deposit four days ago?

"The simple fact that they are continuing to take money without question is very upsetting," Meyer said. "They should have known not to take the money."

CBS5 News asked Roberts if they knew about the foreclosure and took customers money, anyway. 

"No," said Roberts. "I think there was maybe a payment, but I mean, no."

"Just taking everyone's money and not having an answer to what we're going to do next is tough," said Lunduyt. "I can't believe this is happening. It's something you hear about, but you never think it could really happen."

Dilia said they have been working day and night trying to find these couples another place to hold their wedding, with the hope that the venues will give them a credit for money they've already spent.

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce and a number of local businesses have offered to help.

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