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Prom for Stuti: Prayers answered


If you can't attend your senior prom, then why not have them just bring the prom to you. And that's exactly what family and therapists did for Byrd High School senior, 17-year-old Stuti Jawahar.

Stuti's family feels her recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Back in January, she was left in a coma after a near fatal accident on the way to school. Within weeks, she regained consciousness. Through extensive therapy, Stuti was soon taking some of her first steps. And just a couple of weeks ago, Stuti suddenly started talking again.

As Stuti continues her recovery, her family and doctors felt going to Byrd's senior prom Saturday night would be more than she could handle. So family, friends and therapists decorated the rehab facility, invited all of her classmates - and literally brought the prom to Stuti.

Three months after a community began praying for Stuti, they get to watch a 'Prom for Stuti'.

The family tells our Doug Warner that Stuti will leave the rehab facility to go home within the week. She'll continue out-patient rehab.

Stuti also will graduate with her senior class next month.

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