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ETX man says West explosion brings back powerful memories


The explosion in West is bringing back memories for one East Texan, who experienced the deadly Texas City explosion back in 1947.

That explosion happened on a ship docked in the Texas City Port, after its cargo of fertilizer chemicals caught fire.

"It was just one of those childhood memories that makes a really big impact on you, you know, and it's not something you think about every day. It's triggered in your mind pretty easily," says Dr. Ken Muckelroy, who lived near Texas City when the explosion happened.

He says the incident in West was an instant trigger, "The first thing I thought about when I heard about this thing in West was the Texas City experience and I sort of relived that time in the sixth grade."

Muckelroy says his parents tried to explain what happened and told him about another explosion they experienced. The family lived in Shelby County when the New London school explosion happened 10 years earlier in 1937.

That explosion was caused by a natural gas leak and took the lives of nearly 300 students and teachers.

Muckelroy says he can't stop thinking about the children in West, "'What are those sixth graders thinking about?' I know I felt a lot of relief because my dad was still alive. A lot of these kids don't have that."

He says the best way to get through tragic events is to have faith, "Just remember that not everything in life will be a bad traumatic experience like this."

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