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The unblinking eye is watching


Surveillance video has become a hot topic lately for reasons that are pretty easy to see. Most recently, the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were identified because of it.

But how do you feel about it? While some see it as necessary in today's world, others feel it's an invasion of privacy.

It seems anywhere you look, someone is looking at you. Eyes are everywhere, but they're potentially much more incriminating than someone watching. If there's a camera, it's probably recording somewhere.

We asked a few people in downtown Tyler about surveillance.

Dennia Flores said, "I think that there should be some, just in case of robbery and security."

Ivan Bergman said, "It makes them more honest if they know they're being watched."

Elizabeth Harrell said, "I think it's invading our privacy. It helps us some, but not everywhere. It shouldn't be everywhere. It shouldn't be in everybody's business."

Joseph Baskin stated, "I think it's very important. It's a good way to catch someone in the act."

Eric Morton commented, "I have had it in the past. In Colorado I had a place that was aired up pretty good, and I felt real safe with it."

Bridget Anderson said, "I think it is intrusive on your privacy. I don't think that we should be watched in everything we do."

Tony Hairford with Isis Surveillance Systems has been building big brother for 25 years.

"People aren't allowed to put cameras in your bathroom or your house or whatever, or even in your office if you're the only that uses it; you have an expectation of privacy. If you're walking down the street everybody know there are cameras everywhere. Cameras you can see and cameras you can't, but for the most part everybody knows there are cameras pretty much everywhere, so you don't really have an expectation of privacy at all," Tony stated.

"You know there's more rules on audio than there is on video, and that's one reason that they'll never be able to outlaw video because everyone's got a camera," Tony concluded.

So if you feel like somebody's watching you, you may be right.

Obviously, there are a laws that prevent anyone from installing cameras on private property, and places where…private things occur.

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