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Shreveport woman joins Baylor efforts to help West victim


A former Byrd High School Student is now among the many students at Baylor University aiding the victims in West, Texas.

Authorities say 35 people, including 10 first responders, died in the fertilizer plant explosion.

Baylor University is less than 20 miles from the town of West.

"It is kind of a shock to find out something like that can happen right next door to us," says Jaclyn Brown.

Brown is now a freshman at Baylor, and says she heard about the explosion over social media.

She says students have been pitching in to help the victims through blood drives and vigils.

"For the people who know people who are directly from there, it is definitely saddening and it is heartbreaking because people are rushing out to get there and they are trying to find rides and doing everything they can because they are trying to contact the people that are out there now," says Brown. 

Thursday night the Band "Five for Fighting" held a benefit concert on campus to collect donations for the victims.

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