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Parent: Graphic movies in daughter’s 5th grade class


A Caddo Parish Parent says her daughter viewed a graphic film with sex, murder, and profanity during her 5th grade class at Oak Park Micro-Society Elementary, and now she is looking for answers from the Caddo Parish School District.

"I like to refer to it as the last straw," says Athlene Bell. Bell says she will no longer allow for her daughter Saryn Anderson, 11, to attend Caddo Parish Schools after her daughter told her about two graphic movies shown in class.

Her daughter says the 2009 film Drool and 2010 film Insidious were played in class last Friday. She says the films were played off of another student's NetFlix account, and projected on the classroom smart board. She also says the teacher was there, watching both movies.

"Drool…that was a new movie. I had never seen that one before..some stuff was like gross stuff," says Anderson.

Bell says when she watched the film Drool she saw sex, murder, and profanity.

Since Friday, Bell says she has talked with 5 people from Caddo Parish School District and told the Shreveport Police. She says after 5 days of waiting the school district is just now investigating.

"At this point I'm through with Caddo Parish. I don't want them teaching another one of my children or grandchildren, until you've cleaned this up somewhat," says Bell. 

A school board representative says the incident is being investigated, and the Shreveport Police confirm they are also looking into the matter.

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