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Boston first responders inspire medical students

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Medical tent workers originally thought they'd be treating runners for dehydration or sore muscles. But when terror struck, they sprung into action and are being credited with saving lives. Many are finding comfort and being inspired by hearing the heroic stories of the first responders, like medical student Tara Doyle.

Like many others, third year medical student Tara Doyle watched news coverage of Monday's Boston Marathon bombing. But she wasn't looking at the smoke, she was watching the first responders. "Just seeing these responders run to these people, really as a medical student, I was like god, I wish I could be there and help those people and do whatever you can," said Doyle.

Immediately after the bombs went off, the natural instinct of most is to run away from the danger. But Doyle says for first responders, it's the opposite. "I think you definitely need to have a nature for it, but the training is also crucial," said Doyle. When it comes to crisis situations, Doyle says med students are taught to first control their emotions by taking a moment to regroup, then the autopilot switches on and their medical training becomes important. "I mean you couldn't do those things without learning how to control your emotions and the way you control how you react to situations," she said adding that ultimately, watching the first responders reactions on Monday, reinforces her goal to become an emergency room doctor and save lives.

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