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Golden Apple Award Winner: Stacy Daniels


Stacy Daniels teaches the only gifted and talented preschool in North Louisiana. "I have children from 3 to 5 years old and they all have really high IQs and academic skills. It's very advanced; we get to have a lot of fun. We get to do a lot of things that don't occur in regular preschool classes" Stacy Daniels, preschool teacher at A.C. Steere Elementary School, says.

Daniels says, this group of kids is so advanced, she gets to plan extra activities for them. "They're still preschoolers so they still enjoy the playing, still enjoy the fun. The difference is I just don't teach anything twice. They have definitely kept me challenged, definitely kept me on my toes this year" Daniels says. The students say this preschool class is a fun place to learn. "They think they're playing all day but they're actually learning and working" Daniels says.

Daniels says, keeping them challenged is a challenge in itself. "It's just a matter of finding something that is a challenge to them with the different age groups being from 3 to 5 years old. We go on a lot of field trips. We do a lot of hands on things. We talked about the solar system last week. We made big solar system maps and we did planets and things. This week we're doing weather" Daniels says. The gifted preschool class actually stopped by KSLA News 12 to talk to the Stormtracker 12 Meteorology team to learn more about weather.

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