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Texarkana runner home safe after Boston attack


Texarkana runner Jeff Haynes returned to Texarkana Tuesday evening to a celebration fit for a hero.

Haynes is the Cross Country Coach at Trinity Christian School, and students greeted Haynes with cheers, smiles, and hugs.

"It's truly a blessing just to be anywhere today, but to come home to all of my friends and kids on my track team," says Haynes. 

Haynes crossed the finish line 17 minutes before the two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon.

"You could hear the sirens of the fire trucks and ambulances, and you could feel the chaos really starting to build," says Haynes.

Monday's attack is not the only close call for Haynes. He was in Atlanta during the 1996 Olympic Bombing, and he was in New York before two planes hit the twin towers on 9/11.

"Just absolutely terrifying," says his wife Denise Haynes about the experience at the marathon.

The family says they are thankful to be back in Texarkana, but they haven't forgotten the victims who never made it out of Boston.

"There were people who were not able to come home, so we are really grateful and really blessed and really happy we could come home," says Denise Haynes.

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