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Nacogdoches Boy Scout honored for extinguishing church kitchen fire


A 15-year-old Boy Scout was deemed a hero and recognized as an honorary firefighter Tuesday night at the Nacogdoches City Council Meeting.

"He saved a church and saving a church is always a good thing," said Anthony Oliphant, Father.

Ketavian Oliphant was attending an Eagle Scout ceremony at the North Street Church of Christ in March.

Oliphant said he heard a beeping noise and smelled something burning from down the hall.

"I went in there and the whole kitchen was filled with smoke," said Ketavian Oliphant.

Officials say a meal was being prepared for after the meeting and left unattended when the fire started.

"I felt my way through the smoke to the kitchen and I found the fire extinguisher and I sprayed it out," said Ketavian.

Church and fire officials say because of Ketavian's quick and decisive action no damage was done to the kitchen and guests were able to enjoy the reception after the ceremony as planned.

"When we find out about ordinary citizens that aren't necessarily trained not necessarily equipped but are doing something that goes about and beyond tonight we get a great opportunity to recognize that," said Keith Kiplinger, Nacogdoches Fire Chief.

And his father says this moment of heroism was preparation for his dream career.

"He said he wanted to be a firefighter, so that's a good look right there if he wants to grow up and be a firefighter," said Anthony Oliphant.

 Ketavian has been Boy Scout for eight years and fire officials say his choices are a perfect reflection of the organization.

"The Boy Scout's motto is to be prepared and in this instance Ketavian was prepared," said Kiplinger.

Officials from the North Street Church of Christ also presented Ketavian with a proclamation of thanks.

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