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How do you talk to your children about the Boston tragedy?


Images and videos of the horrific explosions in Boston are easily accessible on television and online. Even if your children are not hearing about it at home, what are they learning at school and hearing from other students?

Some parents are still debating how - and if - to talk to their children about Monday's events.

"It's the worst thing in the world to tell this small little being that somebody has killed someone else," said Maud Sachs, mother of a six-year-old.
Other parents said it has already been discussed.

"I would rather she hear this from me than from other people," said Erin Roy, also the mother of a 6-year-old.

Holly Blanco is a mother of two and a pediatrician who says when speaking with younger children, keep it simple.

"Give them the bare minimum, like just kind of facts, to give them an understanding, but without overwhelming them or giving them too many details," Blanco said.

Psychologist Wilson Renfroe recommends waiting for your child to bring it up.

"You can generate more fear about something that they don't really understand rather than dealing with something that they bring up and try to handle it from there," Dr. Renfroe explained.

High school students at Grace Community School in Tyler have prayed for those affected by this attack, but when it comes to the elementary school students, staff said they are handling it differently.

"When they bring something up it's just kind of, and this would be for parents as well, to be careful not to answer questions that they are not exactly asking, and just listen to them and answer all the ones they ask," said Karla Foreman, Grace Community School's Director of Curriculum.

"It's a historical fact. It's now part of our history and a part of our country, so it's going to have to be dealt with and talked about," Dr. Renfroe said.

Doctors said along with offering a concrete explanation of what has happened, do not forget to remind your children of how many people are working to do everything they can to help those in need.

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