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Teen shot, family speaks out against neighborhood violence


A 16 year old was shot in the legs while walking down a street next to Booker T. Washington High School in Shreveport early Sunday morning.

The incident has rocked the neighborhood and has many people wondering when the violence will stop in their community."It really got me shook up I didn't know anything like this could happen to him," said the victim's father, Ricky Moore who is left struggling to figure out, why someone would do this to his son, who he describes as a good kid. "I've been trying to talk to him, trying to get him to talk to me, but he's really shook up. I'm shook up I just don't understand," said Moore.

Family members say after the teen was shot he ran, bleeding profusely, down the road to his home screaming for help. Blood marks are left on the corner where the incident is said to have happened, trailing all the way down the road. The victim's uncle told KSLA News 12, he had an emotional breakdown when he saw the trail of blood, "Really I just broke down in tears today, I just have never seen anything like that in my life."

But he and other neighbors say this isn't the first time violence has hit their neighborhood. "You can walk down here and every night you can hear gunshots," he said and adds what happened to his nephew, should serve as a wake up call for their community."It's just not right around here. There's just a lot of violence going on right here right now and it needs to stop," he said.

The teen spent the day recovering in the hospital and his dad says he's lucky to be alive. "He's doing pretty good, he's pretty shook up, lost a lot of blood," said Moore and adds he will count his blessings knowing his son will be able to wake up and see another day.

Shreveport police say no one has been charged yet with the crime. Call CrimeStoppers if you have any information on this case, that number is 318-637-7373.

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