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KSLA News 12 Editorial: April 11 - Dog park snafu

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Some things just don't make sense. For example, Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover blocking a dog park.

Just to bring you up to speed, the Red River Waterway Commission has put up $280,000 to build the dog park along the riverfront.

The city council supports it, but the mayor does not.

Now, a lawsuit has been filed by the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance to force the mayor to approve the project.

So, at this point, the city is not going to get a dog park for free, and instead will have to spend money defending a lawsuit.

It just doesn't make sense.

Months ago, we urged the mayor not to stand in the way of this project.

It's too bad something as simple as this has become so difficult.

I'm James Smith.

Your feedback:

It's a shame the mayor has to be sued for not following the city charter.  It's a shame the Judicial Branch has to become involved since the Executive Branch doesn't follow the request of the Legislative Branch that represents the citizens. It's a shame the naysayers don't really understand how dog parks help cities be all they can be and that's why cities are creating them all around us. Bossier is open to the idea of dog parks too.  Dog parks are not about yards, dogs or walking them; dog parks are for people.  It's a shame that some still think creating a regional dog park on our active, thriving riverfront is taking away from other projects or money for those projects; if this dog park doesn't get built the other projects will not be affected either way.  The city wants dog parks. Dog parks are a reality that will happen soon.  It's really not that big of a deal.
~Cynthia Keith

I totally agree with Mayor Glover about not wanting a dog park at this time.Look around  Shreveport and see the condition of the roads,bridges,sewer system,etc.We need more important projects here than a dog park.People can walk their dogs around the block if they want to exercise them.I live in Bossier and I think our roads are in better shape than Shreveport.I believe we should concentrate our funds on the Important issues if we want our town to grow and prosper.And a dog park is not important enough at this time.Keep up the good fight Mayor Glover.Your absolutely correct in your stand against this idea of a dog park. ~Anonymous writer from Bossier!

This is not New York City where there is only concrete.  We have hundreds of acres of grass where a dog can be walked and the city does not have to pay for insurance and upkeep.  Get real.
~Frances Roemer

Mr. Smith, I do not need a dog park and I don't know of anyone that wants one.
Good for Mayor Glover on blocking the dog park.  
I was listening to some people talking at the Southern Hills Park and we were all in favor of the Mayor's actions about the dog park.  
Thanks for letting us express our opinions.  I have been voting in Caddo Parish for many years!
Joanne Norris

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