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Sunset Acres neighborhood plagued with sewer smell


Residents in the Sunset Acres neighborhood have a very smelly problem. For years, they say they've dealt with a nasty smell and even sewage in their streets. Neighbors say, as the temperature rises, so does that nasty sewer stench.

People who have lived there for decades say the smell began about two or three years ago. Some describe the smell as old sour rotten water, while others say the odor is so bad its beyond expression. People like Johnnie Wood, have had enough and are asking the city to address the issue. "I think it really needs to be cleaned up, if some of the officials would come down and see for themselves, instead of sitting around the table talking about something else," said Wood.

We did reach out to city leaders and assistant city engineer Barbara Featherstone says a sewer leak in someone's home could be to blame for the smell and the city has mandated the owner fixes the problem by next week or have their water shut off. But she admits there could be a bigger problem, if the smell is reaching more than one street.

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