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Battery bandits hit school buses


School buses were left immobile early Monday morning before students were even picked up for school.

Police  say more than a dozen batteries were stolen from Caddo Parish school buses that were parked at Huntington High School inn at the 6800 block of Raspberry Lane in West Shreveport.

"They scrambled and not only from mechanics, but from the central office standpoint to get those buses rolling," said Victor Mainiero with Caddo Parish Schools.

The delay came at a bad time - state testing day. After the maintenance department scrambled and delivered backup batteries to the school drivers were able to pick up the students, who were going to various schools throughout the parish, and transported them to school, although some were late.

"Principals worked with those students and of course the first day of state testing there were logistical issues with that. But I can tell you all students did take their tests," said Mainiero.

"One of the first things our detectives are going to do is go out, talk to folks who work at the campus, and make a determination if a former employee, or former student might be disgruntled," said Sgt. Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department.

No suspects have been identified. An investigation is ongoing.

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