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Family says ETX boy who died in fire was at his first sleepover


The family of a Winona boy who died in a Sunday morning fire says it was the first time he had spent the night away from home.

The fire took the lives of two other Winona children, all of them best friends.

Waldon Davidson, the grandpa of 4-year-old Jaxs Davidson, says Jaxs was excited about his first sleepover. He says Jaxs was an adventurer who loved cookies and playing ball.

"It's hard to stop the tears even though you know that he's with Jesus Christ and that's a good thing."

Davidson says Jaxs older sister, Leila Davidson, was also at the Dear family's house when the fire started, "His sister got out the door first pretty much with somebody's help."

Davidson says the kids were all friends. Jaxs was sleeping in the back part of the house with 9-year-old Colby and 6-year-old Riley, who also died in the fire.

Davidson sympathizes with what the dear family is going through, "I don't blame nobody, there's nobody to blame, it's God's will."

Members of the East Texas community are working together, collecting all kinds of items to help the families move forward.

"Monetary donations for funeral expenses, food, clothing, support, and prayer," says Alison Harris, an administrator of God's Hand Ups.

Davidson says raising money for the boys' funeral is important because burying them will help the families heal.

"Sad to say that life's got to go and whether you stop or not, life keeps moving … and I don't think Jaxs wants them to sit and wait."

Official funeral arrangements for the three boys have not been made but Davidson hopes to hold all three at the same time as a symbol of their friendship on earth and up above.

If you'd like to help out these families, there are a lot of opportunities to do so.

The First National Bank of Hughes Springs in Winona is accepting donations in the Dear family's name.

Altra Federal Credit Union in Tyler as well as First National Bank of Hughes Springs in Winona are accepting donations for Jaxs Davidson's memorial.

God's Hand Ups and Angels among us are holding a week long garage sale starting Wednesday.

On Saturday, the Dixie Pig in Lindale will be hosting a car wash to raise money for the victim's families. They will also accept furniture donations.

God's Hand Ups and Angels Among us are holding a week long garage sale starting Wednesday at 701 N. Main in Gladewater, TX. All of the proceeds will be split between the two families. They will also hold a bake sale.

First Baptist Church of Winona is also accepting food and money donations for the families. They were collecting clothing donations but have already had such a huge response from the community they don't need clothing anymore. 

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