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Auto mechanic calls 911, saves 99-year-old man's life


KLTV 7 obtained a copy of the 911 phone call an auto mechanic made last week after realizing something was wrong with his 99-year-old customer.

Gary Stewart, owner of Donnybrook Automotive, was making a routine call to Henry "Maurice" Stone to let him know his 1993 Chrysler New Yorker was ready to pick up.

That's when Stewart realized something wasn't right.

"I just contacted one of my elderly customers on the telephone and he is very very delusional, "Stewart said in the call to 911. "He can't answer me.

I keep asking if he needs some help and he just [mumbles]."

Stewart repeatedly asked Stone if he was still there, becoming worried when Stone stopped responding.

"Mr. Stone are you in the bed, where are you? I know you cant talk, but if you're in your bed, just tap the phone on the table twice for me, do you understand me?"

"I asked him, if you understand what I'm saying to you, but you just cant tell me, tap your phone twice on your table and i heard him tap the phone twice so I knew that he could understand what I was saying but he couldn't respond so I knew he had a problem," Stewart said in an interview last week.

"I don't know if you're ok or not and I'm not going to take any chances so there's somebody coming to check on you right now," Stewart said to Stone during his phone call to 911. "They should be there any minute. Don't be mad at me, but I can't get you to respond to me real well and I'm worried about you."

"Man, I was scared to death," Stewart told KLTV. "He's such a nice old fella, I was just so happy that I was at least able to call him at that particular time that this was happening. I was scared they weren't going to get there in time."

Maurice Stone's niece, Penny Rudd, said the family is nothing but grateful for Stewart's quick-thinking.

"It was divine intervention," Rudd said. "He took care of him. He stayed on the phone until the ambulance got there and then until they took him to the hospital. He really is a guardian angel-type of person and we really are thankful to him."

Rudd says doctors are optimistic about his recovery.

"They've been very encouraging because they've been so surprised at his stamina and he's been taking therapy and speech therapy and he's just been doing real real well," Rudd said. "We're excited about is recovery."

Stone is still recovering at a Tyler hospital. His family says they are currently looking forward to throwing his 100th birthday celebration this June.

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