Do the DMV On-Line

Don't fight the crowds at the DMV - you can renew driver's licenses and registration, on the internet.

Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, now allow many drivers to renew drivers and vehicle licenses, from the convenience of home or office. You can even get copies of your driving record. All it takes is an "invitation", and a credit card.

Not everyone can renew on-line. All three states mail out renewal reminders, that indicate if you can file on-line. And, the states have different fees, and different rules on -what- can be done online.

In Louisiana, you can renew both drivers licenses and registration, with the so-called "

" service. You can also get copies of your driving record, for $17. The fees for the licenses aren't specified until you do the online form.


" also allows renewal of both licenses and registration - but every other D-L renewal must be in person. You'll pay one to three dollars above the actual license costs. Driving record fees will vary, depending on the amount of information you need.

" system, allows registration renewals, with no extra online fees. But Arkansas wants drivers licenses renewed in person, for vision testing. Requests for your driving record must also be made in person.

All three states have numerous other driving services online - test booklets, legal requirements, and such - Louisiana even lets you notify the state about vehicles you're no longer driving - so you can stop insurance on that vehicle until you start using it again.

Where do you find all these services? Go to KSLA.COM.  Click on Links in the News, and you'll find links to all three sites.