How much does this procedure cost?

The anticipated expenses would be those for normal hospitalization and surgery for a period of approximately for days, assuming that there are no complications. The hospitalization expenses estimated at $12,000 to $15,000 depend on the length of hospitalization and weather of not there are any complications. The surgical fee is $4,800 for the gastric bypass. This is covered by many insurance companies, but it is primarily the responsibility of the patient. This fee includes the pre-op examination and work-up, the surgery and follow-up office visits for two years following hospitalization. In patients over 300 lbs., there is an extra charge of $100 for every 25 lbs. over 300. If your gallbladder is removed, there will be and additional fee. If you have previously had obesity surgery of any type, your gastric bypass gee will be greater (see office staff for details).

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The expenses are completely covered by some insurance programs, but generally only partially by most. It is the responsibility of each patient to contact his insurance company in order to clarify individual policy coverage. It is often necessary to explain the surgical procedure and its indications in some detail. We are happy to assist our patients by sending a letter to the insurance companies. It should be noted that the process of preauthorization from insurance companies. It should be noted that the process of preauthorization from insurance companies takes three to four weeks of longer and that in each case it is the patient's responsibility to follow this process through before a date for hospitalization and surgery can be scheduled.


It is our practice that on receipt of the authorization for surgery, we request that the patient pay the difference in the amount authorized by the insurance company for the cost of the surgical fee prior to surgery. If other arrangements are necessary, this must be discussed with my office staff prior to surgery.