Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

90% of  patients with diabetes mellitus can discontinue either injectable insulin or oral medications. There is a 700% decreased risk of developing diabetes mellitus following massive weight loss associated with Roux-Y gastric bypass.

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About 70% of patients with high blood pressure can cease taking medications for some.


95% of asthmatics are cured or markedly improved.


Virtually all patients with reflux esophagitis are cured immediately regardless of weight loss, due to cessation of acid going from the walled off stomach into the esophagus.


Sleep apnea syndrome is markedly improved of cured. Snoring usually improves.


There is a marked effect on serum lipids (cholesterol etc) so that risks of heart attacks are reduced to one half that of the normal population due to this risk factor.


Risks of various cancers are decreased.


There is marked improvement in arthritis of the large weigh bearing joints of the lower back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet.


Psychological advantages and improvements occur with improved feeling of well being, and the ability to be more physically active and athletic, and more physically attractive.


Irregular periods, anovulation, and infertility are frequently cured.


All the above have a positive effect on longevity, perhaps as much as ten to twenty years.


The following are examples of many successful patients we have had over the years. Should you have any questions about any of the above, please call our office at 

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Note: BMI is a function of weight and height; wt. in kg./ht. in (m)2.: the shorter and heavier the patient, the higher the BMI and risk of obesity and vice versa. > 30 = obese; >35 = marked increased risk of associated life threatening problems.