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Tax filing deadline looming


The countdown is on, there is a little over a week until your federal taxes are due. Many tax preparers say they are expecting a huge rush of last minute filers over the next few days.

"It's the calm before the storm," said Liberty Tax Service Owner Lavance Henderson. But the tax office being empty this close to deadline isn't usual according to the IRS. They have reported as of the end of March, 4.5 million more people are putting off filing their taxes compared to last year. Henderson has noticed. "There is nothing normal about this tax season."

Henderson says the high number of procrastinators can be credited to the fiscal cliff. "We all know congress did not agree on the new laws until after January first, well that put the IRS behind on implementing the laws that we have to follow in the tax business," Henderson adds that many of the forms necessary weren't available until February 14th, that's a whole month after they are usually released, leaving tax preparers less time than usual to work with.

He predicts, those waiting until the last minute are those frustrated with the tax situation. "If you plan on being one of those last minute tax filers, be prepared, bring your identification and your end of year tax documents. If you don't have those, just ask your tax office to file an extension," he said.

"We expect this year a bigger rush than we've seen previously in the past," But until the crowds arrive, Henderson and his staff are bracing for the long hours that will likely last ... until the filing deadline has passed, when the clock strikes midnight on April 16th.

The deadline to file an extension is on April 15th. Click here for the tax extension form.

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