Texarkana, Ark. interim city manager won't accept interim position

Texarkana, Ark. interim city manager won't accept interim position

TEXARKANA, AR (KSLA) - What's the next move for Texarkana, Arkansas after an interim city manager decides not to accept the position?

Charles Nickerson was appointed a couple of weeks ago, but that all changed on Monday night.

"From the chamber standpoint, we will still support the city," Nickerson says.

Nickerson was back on his job Wednesday as vice president of economic development with the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce. Nickerson was named last month as interim city manager. But, after a meeting of the City Board of Directors Monday night, Nickerson declined the offer.

"I think there is an element in the community that doesn't want to see strong leadership during an interim period. And I think some of our board members over there were susceptible to that pressure," Nickerson says.

At the meeting Monday night, several residents expressed dissatisfaction with the board's decision to relieve Harold Boldt as city manager and hire Nickerson as interim. When the meeting was over, the board was not unanimous in its decision.

Texarkana, Arkansas Mayor Wayne Smith says the board will now have to find another interim city manager. He says board members hope to have potential candidates Thursday afternoon.

"I think we as a board will be more solidified when this is over with, and we as a city will be more solidified."

As for re-hiring Boldt, the mayor says he doubts that that will happen.

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