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Peepholes added to doors at University Elementary School

Peepholes added to doors at University Elementary Peepholes added to doors at University Elementary

Ever since the Connecticut school massacre, every school system across America is re-focusing attention on safety in the classroom. In Caddo Parish, principals are being encouraged to keep their classroom doors locked at all times. However, University Elementary School teachers realized there was a problem with that safety measure because some of the doors at the school don't have windows.

Teachers found when someone knocked on their door, they had no way of knowing who was on the other side. But the Parent Teacher Association found a solution by reaching out to a national home improvement chain, Lowe's to install peepholes on every single classroom door on Wednesday.

"The teachers were really concerned because they don't know really who is on the other side of that door," said University Elementary Principal Paula Nelson. Now each time someone knocks on the door, all the teacher has to do is look through this peephole to see who it is, "It just makes a huge difference that the teacher actually knows who is on the other side of that door before they open it," said P.T.A President Rebecca Randolph.

The improvements are free of charge,made possible by the Lowe's on Youree drive, whose employees donated their time and resources to help the school as part of their Heroes Program. "The Lowe's heroes program is just what you see here, is a local Lowe's going out to help support the local community," said Assistant Store Manager Dominik Holder.

The new addition may look small, but P.T.A parent Denise Clark, who spearheaded the project, says it will make a big difference. "If they have one more, it seems like such a tiny thing, but just one more tool to make the teachers feel safe in the classroom, to teach my child and make my child feel safe in the classroom," said Clark.

If Lowe's hadn't helped out, the school would have had to pay nearly $1,000.00 to install the peepholes.

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