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Golden Apple Award Winner: Kate Hedges


Kate Hedges says it is her goal to inspire her Rusheon Middle School students to read. "When they come into my classroom, I'll be honest with you, they don't want to be reading, and they don't like reading. I always call it the magic of reading because they haven't found it" Hedges says.

Hedges splits her students up into stations so she is able to work more closely with each student in turn. "Being able to work one on one with each student, I can pinpoint what they are struggling with. If I can pin point what they are struggling with, I can then help them get over that hurdle and we can get on with the next thing" Hedges says. While she is working with a small group of students, others are using a computer program. Although Hedges is not working personally with these students while they read aloud from the computer, she is still able to track their progress. "They have to read to me so I will listen to it later on and they don't have to read to everyone else so that's good because they don't have to be shy about reading in front of everyone else because they struggle with reading " Hedges says.

Hedges says that, although they may struggle with reading, she still pushes them to higher levels. She does that with an audio book station. "They are going to be hearing vocabulary that they don't normally hear. That's going to build on to their vocabulary. The higher level books will paint bigger pictures in their minds and once those bigger pictures are painted in their minds, and once those bigger pictures are planted in their minds, the seeds of reading are what's exciting" Hedges says.

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