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Residents say speeding is the problem on deadly road


A day after a deadly accident, residents who live near Bellevue Road in Bossier Parish point to speeding as the reason why drivers are having accidents at a curve near Parker Street. 

State Police say Monday's accident was possibly caused from excessive speeding.

Authorities say 17 year old Kaitlin Smith's car hit the curve on Bellevue Road near Parker Street at a high rate of speed, and she lost control and hit a pick-up truck head on. The driver of the truck Eddie LaCroix, 43 year old, died in the accident.

"I've seen three accidents here, two of them right in our front yard into the ditch," says Michael Earland. Earland lives yards away from where the accident took place, and he says drivers are not slowing down before the dangerous curve.

The speed limit on Bellevue Road is 50 miles per hour, but signs caution drivers to slow down to 30 miles per hour before the sharp curve.

Louisiana State Trooper Matt Harris gave this statement when asked if the particular curve was considered more dangerous than other parts of Bellevue Road:

"Accidents are unexpected events, and happen at unexpected locations. There is no statistical data that proves this section of Bellevue Road is more prone to accidents."

Some local residents say more police presence could slow down drivers.

"There needs to be more police running speed, slowing these people down and writing tickets," says driver Dennis Walton. 

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