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East Texas residents also cleaning up after Easter storm


Some East Texas residents also were busy Monday cleaning up from storms that blew through the area this weekend.

One of those areas hit was a subdivision in Atlanta, Texas.

"I look outside and the trees were bent a third of the way over," says Indian Hills resident Rick Nunley.

Indian Hills is a subdivision in Atlanta with homes built around a quiet, peaceful lake. But that peace was interrupted on Easter Sunday.

"The wind was horrible, man. I mean, the wind was horrible."

Roger Matlock, another Indian Hills resident, agreed.

"It was really rough around here. We had this one big tree fall down and demolished my privacy fence. But, otherwise, it didn't hit the house, and we are real thankful," Matlock says.

But neighbor Arlie Kizer was not so lucky. A large tree was blown through the roof of Kizer's home. No one was at home at the time. Kizer says he got the news while preparing for his Easter sermon.

"They told me we had a wonderful service today. there was someone to stand in and take my place, and I am thankful for that."

Kizer says he has lived at his current home for three months. But he says he is not bitter about the loss.

"God is good. God is good regardless. All of this stuff can be replaced, even though the impact of it is tremendous."

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