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Monday spent cleaning up storm debris


"Very, very, busy today," a Shreveport Department of Operational Services tells one resident on Wilder Place. Residents there worried about when the trees that toppled over during Sunday's storm would be cut up and removed.

Shreveport public works crews responded to about 65 reports of downed trees and limbs throughout the city,  some of them damaged houses, and some blocked streets.   

In the Highland neighborhood crews could be seen using cranes and heavy machinery to quickly clear roads of the huge trees, many of them had uprooted as a result of strong winds and soggy ground.

"It sounded like a big boom, like a big thud, and I looked out the window and there it was," said Connie Wall, a resident on Wilder Place.

And just down the street on Fairfield Avenue all four lanes of had been completely blocked by a large tree limb most of Sunday and all night. But on Monday a good Samaritan decided to cut it up and haul it away by himself.

"I just heard it on the radio, and I figured it's kind of a main road that people use just to get out of the way," said Michael Woodruff.

The student pastor at Bellair Baptist Church in Bossier City had the day off on Monday, and was probably responsible for taking a little of the workload off city crews. His efforts certainly resulted in opening up the lanes earlier.

"Really in light of Easter yesterday, just knowing what Jesus did for us, and how he commanded us to love our neighbors, and serve other people," said Woodruff.

Peter Roy says his wife had just parked the car at his father in laws house on wilder place five minutes before the tree fell on Wilder Pl.

"Cars and houses they can be replaced, but when someone gets hurt that's a bad thing," said Roy.

His wife was not injured because she was inside the home when the tree fell.

By six o'clock Monday evening many of the trees that had covered entire yards and streets had either been completely removed or reduced to large stumps.  


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