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Five generations gather for 100th birthday


Ms. Bea Brumley spent most of her birthday hugging  the necks and shaking the hands of nearly 100 guests who were all in attendance to share their love with the birthday girl.

"It's very special to have this many people come to let you know that they even think about you," Ms. Brumley said.

She may have expected this party, but she didn't expect to see these the two little faces of her great-great grandchildren.

"She was shocked, and Beatrice is named after her," said the twins' mother, Amy Lalande.

Twins Teddy and Beatrice made the trip from Paris, France, to meet their great-great-grandmother for the very first time; it was quite the surprise for Ms. Brumley.

"Indeed, I did have quite a big surprise. I would not have imagined they would ever be able to do that, to bring two babies from France," Ms. Brumley said. 

Also in attendance, Barbara Brumley, her only child who helped bring together five generations from all over the world to share in this very special occasion.

"It's very special, very special for all of us," Barbara Brumley said.

The hard work that went into planning and surprising could not have been more appreciated by Ms. Brumley.

"It's been a very rewarding day," she said.

When asked what her favorite part of the day, she smiled and replied, "all of it."

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