Dog Park Alliance Files Lawsuit against Shreveport mayor

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA News 12) - The Shreveport Dog Park Alliance filed a lawsuit against Mayor Cedric Glover Thursday. "I never would have dreamed it would have had to come to something like this," said Cynthia Keith of the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance, who has been fighting for years to build the region's first dog park. Now the alliance is bringing their struggle to the courts by suing Glover.

"I am not pleased with what we are having to do, we just want the right thing done," said Keith. In this lawsuit, the group claims the mayor is violating the city charter and his oath of office by not approving an agreement already signed by the Shreveport City Council and Red River Waterway Commission. That agreement allows $280,000.00 in Waterway Commission Funds to be used specifically for a dog park at Hamel memorial park off Clyde Fant.

Glover initially vetoed the move, but the city council overturned it. The lawsuit says the mayor is required by law to sign the agreement. "The mayor has simply chosen not to do his duty and we're asking a judge to make him," said Alliance Attorney Daniel Keele, he says the suit will force the mayor to sign the agreement and explain why he has failed to act on it so far.

Keith believes this will be the last obstacle before their dog park dreams will become a reality, "Before it is all said and done we will have our first regional dog park at Hamel Memorial Park".

Anytime the mayor is sued, the city attorney is required to represent him. Which means, tax payers will be the ones picking up the tab. A spokesman for Glover says the mayor will not be releasing a statement about the law suit.