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Meter thief won't have success using device, says utility

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A thief is on the loose after stealing an electric meter in Murfreesboro last week.

Murfreesboro Electric says thieves steal the meters thinking they can plug them in somewhere else and steal power.

However, that theory won't work since the meters have devices on them that allow the customer and the power company to know when they've been removed.

"It's really kind of a futile effort when they steal the meters from our system for them to be able to get power from it," said Amy Byers with the Murfreesboro Electric Department.

The meter thief in this case hasn't been caught, but the electric company says if the culprit tries to hook it up, they'll be able to track them down.

Officials with the utility said they will prosecute anyone arrested in connection with the thefts of their property.

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