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Mar. 25th: KSLA News 12 Movie Industry Tax Editorial

The movie industry in the ArkLaTex is keeping a close eye on developments taking place in Baton Rouge.

That's because there is concern about Governor Bobby Jindal's tax plan. Among other things, the governor wants to remove a provision that gives tax credits for high level salaries. As we know, some movie stars make millions and there is concern the movie industry is now able to get tax breaks on these salaries. 

But those tax breaks are also what attract the movie makers to Louisiana in the first place. Enticing the movie industry is a very competitive business. Lots of states offer special tax incentives.

Baton Rouge needs to make sure they don't do something to discourage the continued growth of the movie industry in the ArkLaTex. An industry that has made a positive difference in our local economy. 

I'm James Smith.

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