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Lubbock family named 'Most Honest in America'


Dietmar and Kay Kennel from Lubbock were vacationing in South Carolina with their two daughters when they stumbled upon a digital camera on the ground near an intersection.

Dietmar's first thought? Pictures are irreplaceable, and someone had just lost a camera full of memories.

"We said we have to figure out how to return this camera," he said. "As I inspected it a little bit further, I saw a little sticker on it with a web site. It was called Bungee and I checked on my phone that it was a legitimate site, and it had a phone number to text a message to."

For the Kennel Family it was never a question of if they would return the camera, but how… and little did they know the honesty that came so naturally was about to pay off. After sending a text message, the owner was on the way, but it wasn't anyone they could have ever expected.

Soon, a camera crew from Fox News' national network surrounded the family. The whole thing had been a set up.

"They were testing people from all over the U.S. in different cities to see if people are honest or steal things when they find it," Dietmar said.

The Kennel's spending their spring break in South Carolina were about to bring home a new title to Lubbock, Texas. After Fox and Friends aired the stories of honesty from across the country, it was left to a vote to decide who would be named the "Most Honest People in America."

Friday morning the Kennel's phone rang and on live TV they were given the title, and a hefty $5,000 prize from Publishers Clearing House.

"It was really humbling because all we did was the right thing," Kay said. "For a mom and a wife it was the greatest to know that it was all of us, and that we all knew to do the right thing."

"I don't think we did anything special. I just think we did what we were supposed to do," Dietmar said. "It just came natural, and it felt good to be named that and to be from Lubbock, Texas."

Not only are the Kennels an honest bunch, but they're also very giving. Part of the $5,000 will go toward their youngest daughter's college tuition, and the other part will go toward a charity that the family agrees on.

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