‘Molly’ is new form of ecstasy

A powerful new form of ecstasy is showing up in South Georgia.

Just last week a man in Douglas was charged with possession of MDMA, known as Molly.

It's a purer form of ecstasy, but it's sometimes mixed with other drugs making it more dangerous.

The growing popularity of what used to be a rave drug called MDMA, better known as Molly, is being credited to music artist from Madonna to hip-hop artist such as Kanye West and others.

"People are curious. They hear it and want to try it, they find people selling it and then they get hooked on it," said Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit Investigator Victor Camp.

MDMA is a pure form of ecstasy and although that may give the illusion that Molly is safer to use than ecstasy, drug agents say that always isn't the case.

"The hype is that molly is good for you, it's not going to hurt you and it's not like other drugs. People don't realize that you don't realize the additives that are added to cut these drugs so for me it's like playing Russian Roulette," said Camp.

Long term use of the drug can lead to brain damage, depression and even cardiac arrest.

Camp says Molly is highly addictive.

"The more you use the more you body builds up tolerance for it and eventually it's going to take that much more in order for you to get that same high," said Camp.

Now the drug is making its way to South Georgia, used by teens and adults.

"In the last few months we're starting to see some more and we're starting to get more information like they got Mollies here and they got mollies there," said Camp.

He hopes he and his men can help put a stop to the drug whose popularity just keeps growing.

MDMA is a Schedule one narcotic and you can be charged with a felony if caught with much of it.

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