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Spring will last longer than winter


It's finally over.  The long, long winter ended this morning at 6:02 Central Daylight Time with the dawning of spring.  But, was winter really that long?  When compared to the length of the other seasons, no.

It turns out, the seasons - winter, spring, summer and fall - do not all last the same number of days.  This has to do with the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.  If the orbit were an exact circle, then the seasons would be even.  But our orbit is not a circle; It's an egg-shaped ellipse. 

Because of this orbit, we are actually closer to the sun in winter time and further away during summer.  That means we have more distance to cover during spring and summer than we do during fall and winter.

According to space.com, spring lasts 92.76 days, summer lasts 93.65 days, fall is 89.84 days, and winter is just 88.99 days.  That's a total of 326.24 days to go all the way around the sun (which is also why we have a leap day added to the calendar every 4 years, but that's another topic for another time).

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