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ArkLaTex pollen gets put under the microscope


Allergy specialist Dr. Peter Boggs of Shreveport takes a sample of air contaminants and puts it under a microscope every day. These days, the slides are covered in tree pollen. Pine, Elm, Sweet Gum, and mostly Oak pollen. It's the same yellow/green pollen that is covering our cars, and it's also getting up our noses.

Today's tree pollen count was over 5,000. In comparison, a day with "very high" tree pollen would be at 1,500 particles. These off the charts reading are due to a combination of sunshine, warm temperatures, and a lack of recent rain.

Despite the high pollen counts, Dr. Boggs says it's just part of the natural pattern.
"It's the same old story. The pollen comes in... and the pollen goes out".

In the short term, rain this weekend will help wash some off the pollen away, and keep it out of our sinuses. If you're looking for a long term fix, you may need to wait until summer, when pollen counts lower dramatically.

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