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Bossier teacher's 'imagination' leads to new book

Sun City Elementary teacher Amye Megee Sun City Elementary teacher Amye Megee

There was a time when all we needed was our imagination. No cell phones, no computers, no video games. Just free time and our imagination. And now a Bossier City teacher has brought that 'old school' concept back, by writing a book.

"I still can't believe it", says Sun City Elementary teacher Amye Megee, remembering that feeling the day she opened a box from her publisher, Tate Publishing.

"My desire is for children to understand their mind is powerful," adds Megee. She's taught first graders at Sun City for a dozen years now. Her new book, "In My Imagination," has been years in the making.

Megee's book profiles a young girl who imagines being taught to sing by a blue bird, a surfing Polar Bear, a house cleaning pig and her sharing popcorn with a grizzly bear at the movie theater.

"I just want children to understand, there is so much watching TV and computer games and over stimulation, children today have a hard time using creativity", says Megee.

Megee's principal agrees.

"She's allowing them to be creative and she's instilling the want to be creative," says Sun City principal Kim Tuminello.

She adds, "Sometimes we need to go back to the basics and pull those books out."

Megee's book, "In My Imagination" is available now online at Tate Publishing. It will also debut on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online on May 7.

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