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Mar. 18th: KSLA News 12 Colorectal Cancer Awareness

More than 140,000 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer this year.

It is the third leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States. Age is the primary risk factor for colorectal cancer.

Over 90% of cases are found in people over 50. Other risk factors include family history of the disease, diabetes, smoking, obesity and alcohol consumption. The good news is that you can reduce your risk by getting screened starting at age 50, getting active, eating healthy and quitting smoking. Colorectal cancer usually doesn't have any symptoms in the early stages.

That's why it's important to get regular screenings. This is the time of year we are reminded of how to prevent this type of cancer. If you are over age 50, you should take action.

I had my exam in January. 

I'm James Smith.

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