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Gun shows drawing big crowds


With Washington lawmakers continuing to talk about stricter gun control, an East Texas gun show is seeing a dramatic increase in attendance. At the Longview Expo gun show, vendors say they are seeing lots of first time buyers.

"We're seeing the usual crowd we get at the gun shows but we're seeing a lot more people. First timers," says event vendor Brian Kendrick.

There's no one set gun or ammunition that shoppers are after. Many are looking for a reliable fire arm.

"Gun shows have always been an American tradition," says shopper Ken Crews.

"I firmly believe in my second amendment rights, I am a conceal carry permit person," says 2nd amendment supporter Bill Hewitt.

Many feel the threat of government intervention, is sparking an almost rush to buy weapons and , what is becoming harder to get, ammunition.

"We're selling more ammunition than we do the weapons. I have had to cancel shows because I couldn't get product," Kendrick says.

Some worry that more gun laws will create a dangerous underground industry.

"Why should the honest citizens law abiding citizens , have to pay for the privilege of carrying a gun, when criminals carry them and not have to pay a cent," Crews says.

The gun show continues at the Longview fairgrounds Expo center Sunday from noon to 4.

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