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State mulling ways to dispose of propellant


As state and local authorities work to secure 10 million pounds of M6 propellant, state legislators are trying to figure out how to handle it, if it becomes the property of the state.

"At some point you've either got to pay for it, to stay on state property, or you've got to move it. They're not doing either," said Representative Jeff Thompson.

According to Louisiana State Police at a Legislative hearing in Baton Rouge on Feb. 28, the U.S. Department of Defense has warned that if Explo Systems Inc., the company that owns the material now, can't relocate it, the state would be responsible for it.

"We've got to safely transport a material that by definition is hazardous," said Thompson.

While the investigation into the improperly stored m6 propellant continues, lawmakers like Thompson are making plans to get rid of it, possibly by transporting it to a landfill, and he believes that process would require hundreds of large trucks and lots of highway to cover.

"With diesel at four dollars a gallon, the closest hazardous disposal site is going to be somewhere in  Lake Charles or Dallas, you do the math on how many truckloads it's going to take.

During the legislative hearing lawmakers with the committee on homeland security were told that Explo Systems Inc., the company that owns it, hasn't been paying rent, and has been unable to locate another facility to take the propellant.

"I'm glad to hear they're making progress in the investigation, but we've got to make progress to get, we have to start seizing assets to make sure that the tax payers are not left footing the bill," said Thompson.

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