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Exclusive look at the child abuse an ETX probation officer is accused of


 Rachelle Ann Hartgraves, a Smith County Adult Probation Officer, was arrested and charged with injury to a child on Wednesday.

The arrest is the culmination of an investigation that was initiated in 2012 and was recently reinitiated and completed on March 12. The arrest warrant was issued by 114th State District Judge Christi Kennedy.

On Wednesday morning, detectives from the Smith County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division and the Children's Advocacy Center completed the investigation of injury to a child, a third degree felony.

The arrest warrant affidavit for Hartgraves shows she is accused of hitting and choking her children on several different occasions.

CPS first became involved with the family back in 2010 when one of Hartgraves' children ran away and reported being choked by Hartgraves.

In March 2012, a school nurse told CPS one of the children had a 2-3 inch bruise on the right cheek. The child told investigators Hartgraves hit all of her children often, usually in the head or face, leaving knots and bruises.

A second child confirmed the previous statements to investigators and also reported being slapped and choked by Hartgraves over several years.

In January 2013, one of the children reported being choked by Hartgraves over Christmas break.

The affidavit states Hartgraves has failed to comply with both CPS and court orders in relation to the children.

Officials say, until recently, the case against Hartgraves was closed.

"The investigation from 2012 was closed, we had some things brought to our attention within the last several weeks, we re-opened the investigation, and the investigation culminated today with an arrest warrant being issued for Rachelle Hartgraves," says Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith.

Investigators say the injury to the child Hartgraves is charged with is not consistent with parental discipline because the head and face are vital areas.

CPS has removed Hartgraves' children twice before. Officials were unable to confirm whether or not any of the children were in CPS custody on Wednesday night.

Hartgraves' bond was set at $10,000. She bonded out of the Smith County Jail on Wednesday afternoon.

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