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Comcast in the hot seat at city council meeting


Comcast representatives addressed the Shreveport City Council Tuesday afternoon to speak about customer complaints of poor service.

"If you have a problem on your account with them there is no one you can go and talk to about it," says former Comcast subscriber James Van.

Company representatives were asked to speak to the council following an outage two weeks ago during the 85th Annual Academy Awards show, according to Comcast the outage was caused by a power surge.

Comcast representatives acknowledged the company has not yet reached their full potential within the Shreveport area, but say advancements have been made over the past 6 years to address most concerns.

"Repairing some situations out in the field, all designed to get more consistency in the service and eliminate some of the problems customers are having," says Regional Representative with Comcast Frances Smith.

Smith also says the company has trained 9 more technicians, bringing the local total of technicians to 49. The company reportedly has also spent $6 million improving the local operating system.

 "I dropped them for the same reason many of our citizens do, I was having poor service," says Councilmember Michael Corbin.

Corbin says over the next three months the City Council will evaluate the company's performance to determine if they would like to keep Comcast as the City's cable provider.

Comcast is currently on a month-to-month contract with the City.

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