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R. W. Norton Art Gallery to erect fence around property


Many Shreveporters have enjoyed nice weather with a nice walk among the beautiful woods and gardens of the R.W. Norton Art Gallery. Enjoy it while you can because things are about to change.

Effective immediately, no commercial photography is allowed on the grounds. And, if it's just you taking pictures, then you'll soon be banned, too.

The museum is erecting a fence around the property. After it's built, only school-related educational photography will be allowed by appointment.

The directive comes from the gallery's board of directors:

"Effective immediately, no commercial photography (photography for hire) or commercial enterprise of any kind will be permitted on the museum grounds. Private photography will be allowed only until such a time as the museum's new fence is erected and functional. At that point all photography on the grounds will be prohibited with the exception of legitimate school-affiliated educational photography classes which have made advance appointments."

KSLA News 12 attempted to reach the Norton Art Gallery for comment and clarification, and we were told that this comes from the board of directors. Otherwise, they have no comment.

Reaction to the news has been mixed, based on comments posted on Norton's Facebook page.

"Many of my brides have been photographed on your grounds, especially during azalea time. When I created Shannon Duskin Oldenburg's dress for the Oscars last year, and then had my fascinators featured in UK Vogue and UK Tatler, Channel 6 filmed all of us in your grounds, and my photographer - Steven Miramontz - took all the still shots. ... Such a silly move on your part," says Jane Ryder, a fashion and hat designer.

Says Leyla Stuckey: "I would urge the staff at Norton to continue to allow us, personal, photographers to continue taking pictures of our family and children enjoying a legitimate visit to your museum. I like to record my son growing up, and the things he has done. We have been to your museum many times, and we enjoy comparing the old and new pictures to look at how he has grown since our last visit. Please don't take away the chance to capture our memories."

From Tim Allen: "People need to remember that this is a foundation whose members have donated millions of dollars worth of their own private property and art to be used for the public good.

The whole point of the museum is to attract visitors for the sake of sharing with them, and I feel that the policy communicated as it is does not do that. I do not feel it is a bad policy because of any sort of obligation that they owe us, I feel it is a bad policy because it will harm both the public and the museum."

Norton is located at 4747 Creswell Ave. The library is only open to the public on weekends, and is constantly under the watch of a security guard.

Click here for more on Norton's hours of operation and visitor information.

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