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Judge: Some don't have to pay Elmwood Place tickets


A judge decides that some people who received speeding tickets as a result of Elmwood Place's speed cameras don't have to pay. The clarification came during an emergency hearing in Hamilton County court Tuesday morning.

"[Village officials] can't run those speed meters, they can't issue tickets, they can't collect any tickets they've already issued or hold any hearings concerning those tickets. That's my ruling," judge Robert Ruehlman announced to the court.

Judge Robert Ruehlman issued a permanent injunction against the cameras on Thursday.

Ruehlman stated that people who hadn't paid their tickets yet and those who filed suit through Mike Allen's office would not have to pay. However, the judge advised those people to hold on to their paperwork, as his decision could be overturned on appeal.

In court, Judge Ruehlman said that, "The point of this is to stop it right now," going on to call the cameras "outrageous conduct" by Elmwood Place.

The judge ruled that those who had paid tickets that didn't file suit will not be getting their money back at this time.

The hearing came after appeals were filed Monday to the judge's March 7th decision.

Elmwood Place's secretary tells FOX19 the village does have the cash to pay back the revenue they have made on the citations if they are required to.

So far she says total village revenue from the citations is $970,000 dollars. Adding Optotraffic's cut of the profits brings the total revenue to over $1.6 million.

According to Elmwood Place financial documents obtained by FOX19, the village's adjusted bank balance just two weeks ago was over $1.2 million which is roughly three times the balance the last two years during the same time frame.  

Recent village expenses requested by FOX19 do not show how that money specifically is being spent since it ends up in the general fund, but so far officials say there have not been any votes by village council to spend the speed camera monies.

FOX19 reached out to village officials Tuesday but the mayor, police chief and village solicitor all denied comment Tuesday.

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