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Possible DeSoto Parish school closing on mind of many


Thursday will be a big day for the town of Pelican and its school, Pelican All Saints. The small town in southern DeSoto Parish should be celebrating its 2nd straight basketball state championship, but instead, they are worrying about the future of Pelican All Saints as it is on the verge of being shut down after the school year.

"Them closing this school, for me, it's going to be just like decapitating this community," said Pelican Alumni Tracy J. Thomas.

The exact date of the school's closure is unknown. The school board has told residents that it's because of the budget and their $12+ million dollars in debt. Others have stated that it's the education that is the reasoning for the possibility of being shut down.

If the school is closed, the students will be scattered and sent all across DeSoto Parish.

The people in Pelican are a small town, close knit community. Many of the residents believe that once the school is closed, the town of Pelican will be no more.

Parent and Pelican Alumni Tommie Crawford said, "If they close the school… What else do we have left here?"

"It's just like every small town, you close their school, the towns going to die. That's what's been keeping this town alive and thriving for years," said Christina Henderson, a parent to three children attending Pelican All Saints.

The meeting on whether or not DeSoto Parish will close Pelican All Saints will be held on Thursday.

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