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Tyler airport sends FAA letter requesting control tower stay open


Officials at Tyler's Regional Pounds Airport have sent a letter to the FAA telling them why their air traffic control tower should stay open.

The city of Tyler learned last week that the Tyler airport's control tower is one of 238 small to medium-sized airports on the potential chopping block.

But airport officials say they are encouraged their tower will stay open because they believe they meet the four criteria needed to stay open - reducing national security threats, having an economic impact outside the community, affecting multi-state transportation, and being a diversionary airport for major hubs.

"Tyler meets all of those criteria, and so we were real quick to respond to give them a number of details about that. And so that was sent in, and we want to be on top of the list," said airport manager Davis Dickson. "We sent that in Friday to the FAA with our comments."

Several other Texas airports, including the East Texas Regional Airport in Longview, are also on the FAA's potential closure list.

The FAA is expected to tell airports which control towers it will close early next week.

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