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Mar. 7th: KSLA News 12 T.V. in Your Hand Editorial

It's amazing to me how far technology has come when it comes to television.

When you think about it, it wasn't that long ago there were only three T.V. channels that you received through rabbit ear antennaes and they were in black and white.

Now, KSLA News 12 is taking another leap in technology.

Every one of our newscasts is now streamed live. So, if you have a smart phone, like an I-phone or android, or if you have a tablet like an I-pad, you can actually watch our newscasts anywhere in the world. 

You can be sitting in a boat in the Red River and watch. In emergency situations, if your power at home goes out, you can still watch our live severe weather coverage on your phone. It's amazing and the picture and sound are great.

How do you get this free streaming service from KSLA?

Just go to our web site,, or click on our app during a newscast and it will be there. 

It's the latest way KSLA News 12 is coverage you can count on. 

I'm James Smith.

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